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-        R&S team offers support and expertise on a wide range of possible questions and problems your company might encounter. The diverse solutions we offer are cost- effective and efficient. All of the propositions are based on the practical experience of our senior advisers. Depending on the client and the request, a consultant is chosen to fulfill the organization’s needs.


-        Your Needs

You might detect a knowledge or skill gap in certain areas of your company. In that case, it is wise to collaborate with a consultant to teach you or your employees how to fill this gap.

R&S offers solutions to the following challenges:

-        Aligning HR strategies with the company objectives

-        Introducing the performance management cycle

-        Challenging employees to increase productivity

-        Determining the criteria that measure the employees’ success

-        Let the employees see the managers as coaches who are there to help them achieve success (Coaching & mentoring)

-        Developing effectiveness in human resources management (Recruitment & selection)


Human Resources Strategic Planning

Performance Management

Job Analysis/Job Description

Job Evaluation

Job Grading

Job Pricing

Salary Structure

Strategic Compensation

Balance Score Card (BSC)


-        Results

The result of R&S Consultancy projects is calculated through ROI formula that is reflected in revenue and profit growth, on the organizational level. As for the individual level, it will be calculated through leveraged productivity and innovation.

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Our ultimate goal is to make ourselves obsolete to our clients. We make our clients capable, not dependent.

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